Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

When do the courses run?

Many programs on Thursdays however some courses run on other days. Some will run for a whole day, part of the day or after school. See individual course descriptions for specific days and times.

Where do the courses run?

VET courses will be held across a range of settings from schools, purpose built skill centres, TAFE sites, on the job or a combination. See individual course descriptions for specific locations.

How do students get to the venue?

Students are expected to make their own way to the course location. If the course runs for the whole day then they do not go to their own school at all but just go straight to the course location.

How much does it cost to do a course?

Each VET course costs money to run and the cost is listed in the course description. Schools may charge different amounts to their students so you should discuss this with your home school VET contact.

How do I apply for a course?

Complete an Expression of Interest form (link) and submit it to your schools VET contact.

What do students wear to their course?

Some VET courses have specific clothing requirements which should be listed in the course description. For other courses students are expected to wear their full school uniform.

How will it benefit my SACE?

Each VET course will earn a number of SACE credits. These are listed on each course descriptor. Completing a full Certificate III may be recognised by the SACE Board as the equivalent of a Stage 2 subject in regards to calculating an ATAR. Check with your VET contact on specific courses this applies to.

How will affect my other subjects?

If a student misses lessons from any subjects then they should notify the subject teacher. It may be possible that a VET course could replace a SACE subject for a semester or a year. ie. You can choose to study a VET course in place of a subject at school. VET students will be out for a block of time but may have extra supervised study throughout the rest of the week to catch up any school work that might be missed. Please discuss this with your schools VET contact.


Read our information about how to apply, or use our contact form to contact your school VET co-ordinator.


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